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18 June 2015

Teatime EUROPE

Directed by
Giorgos Zamboulakis
Experimental Theatre of Thrace

at Man.In.Fest 2015
International Experimental Theatre Festival Cluj-Napoca

-Part of Greek National Participation in Praque Quadrennial 2015

The action ‘’Teatime EUROPE” took place on the 29th of July 2014,
at the delta of the Evros River, at the border between Greece and Turkey.
The Evros River is one of the main gates of entrance for people seeking asylum in Europe.
Every day, thousands of desperate human beings are getting arrested, imprisoned, deported–or lose their lives–trying to get away from the insanity of starvation, poverty, violence and war.

The Experimental Theatre of Thrace with this action participates in the
dialogue on this issue, that is one of the most important problems of
contemporary Europe,bringing forth hospitality and the acceptance of the
alterity of the other, as supreme human values.

Theophilos Gerondopoulos

Theophilos Gerondopoulos
Kostis Koumaridis

© Giorgos Zamboulakis